Floorplans for all our cottages

On this page you can find the floor layouts for all our cottages. Sometimes being able to see exactly how things are laid out helps when you are planning your stay with us at Haddon Grove Farm. Click on the pictures for full-sized versions.

One bedroom cottages

Dove                              Blackbird                          Peveril
Dove ground floor  Dove first floor            Blackbird            Peveril
Ground   First      
floor        floor 

Two bedroom cottages

Ash                       Chatsworth                             Monsal                                            
Ash            Chatsworth ground floor  Chatsworth first floor            Monsal ground floor  Monsal first floor 
                             Ground        First                    Ground              First                                                           
                             floor            floor                     floor                   floor                                                  

Riber                               Sycamore 
 Riber       Sycamore ground floor Sycamore first floor
                                     Ground     First
                                     floor         floor

Three bedroom cottages

Blue John                                                    Lathkill
Blue John ground floor  Blue John first floor                 Lathkill ground floor  Lathkill first floor
Ground               First                                 Ground      First                  
 floor                    floor                                floor           floor               

Four bedroom cottages

The Farmhouse                          Chatsworth/Ash
Farmhouse ground floor  Farmhouse first floor            AshChatsworth ground floor  Chatsworth first floor
Ground       First                        Ground                          First
floor            floor                        floor                               floor

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