Haddon Grove Farm is well-situated for accessing the shops in several nearby Peak District towns/villages.

Bakewell (3 miles): The nearest supermarket to Haddon Grove Farm is The Co-op in the centre of Bakewell. There are a number of other local shops in the centre of Bakewell. The Farmer's market is on a Monday, which can be great fun, but also means it can be a good place to avoid unless you are visiting specifically for the market.

Buxton (10 miles): This is a more substantial town, formerly a Victorian spa. Lots of good shops, including large Waitrose, Morrisons and Iceland for food together with a number of interesting antique shops

Matlock (20-30 minutes): Comprising adjacent towns of Matlock and Matlock Bath (also a former spa). Gullivers Kingdom and the Heights of Abraham are very popular attractions. Small local shops, but a large Sainsburys outside town on A6.

Ashbourne (20-30 minutes): Market town with attractive central square. Good range of shops including antiques and arts/crafts. Great for a wander and then visit a teashop.