Haddon Grove requires that wedding insurance be taken out to cover the wedding event. We require a minimum cover of £2.5 million for public liability and a minimum package of £10,000 cancellation cover. There are a number of specialist coverage companies to choose from. 

 A copy of this policy must be submitted to Haddon Grove when the final payment balance is due (8 weeks  prior to arrival). 

Any claims regarding cancellation, injury, loss or damage to the client their guests or third party, is to be made through the insurance company, with whom the insurance for the wedding has been taken out. No further claims can be made with Haddon Grove. 

The marquee is not to be used for any other event other than the wedding event on the given day. It is not allowed to be used on any other day other than to clean up and make good the marquee in preparation for it be taken down. The marquee is not be used prior apart from decorating and getting ready for the event. 

Only named specified persons (on the booking forms for each accommodation) are allowed to stay within Haddon Grove Farm Cottages the night before the event, the night of the event and the night following the event. 

We do require a booking form for each accommodation with the names of each guest staying (we will liaise with you in advance with this).

Dogs are only allowed during the wedding weekend at the approval of Haddon Grove. 

Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not allowed. 

We shall not have any liability under or deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions for any delays or failures in performance of these terms and conditions which result from circumstances beyond reasonable control of ourselves. 

If the wedding reception cannot proceed as a result of circumstances beyond reasonable control this will result in all monies being forfeited. We will not be liable for any losses whether direct or indirect if the wedding reception cannot proceed by reason of such circumstances. 

Inclement weather is a circumstance beyond our control and we have no responsibility or obligation to clear snow or make passable any access to the site of the wedding reception. 

We will not be liable to the Client in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by the Client of an indirect or consequential nature including without limitation, any economic loss or other loss. 

The client will be responsible for the settling of any invoices, directly with the suppliers, for the hire of marquees, tables, chairs etc. 

The client is responsible for arranging any marquee; music; drinks; catering and all other suppliers required (we have a number of contacts and recommended suppliers and we are happy to work with you) 

Haddon Grove do not have an alcohol license and this would be the responsibility of the client or your suppliers to arrange. If the client wishes to have a pay bar, the license must be viewed by the owners of Haddon Grove at least two weeks before the event and displayed throughout the reception (Once again we have experience with music and alcohol licence applications so we can work with you) 

The arrangements for the removal of all equipment will be confirmed by the client or their subcontractor by email. All equipment is to be removed from the site within 2 days of the event. 

The client is responsible for any damage caused to the gardens by any act, default or neglect by the client, subcontractor employed by the client or guest of the client, and shall pay to Haddon Grove Farm Cottages on demand the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage and for any loss of business caused as a result. 

The client is responsible for the removal and dismantle of any equipment, flower arrangements, litter, waste, refuse or recycling and the site must be left in the same condition as arrival. (Separate arrangement can be made for the above).


The marquee must be in a good condition and free of any of the above, ready for the marquee company to dismantle late Sunday night or Monday morning (please see times allowed for entry to Haddon Grove Farm Cottages for removal). Any hours spent tidying, the hire of a skip, or rectifying the site will be charged accordingly. 

Where the client employs subcontractors or third parties to assist them with their wedding reception, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the terms and conditions laid down by Haddon Grove and any current Health and Safety legislation. 

Any ancillary activities to the wedding and the reception must be agreed between the client or their representative and Haddon Grove. 

If Haddon Grove is requested by the client to book any facilities and/or services on behalf of the client or their representative, it will do so in good faith , but cannot be held liable should those services prove deficient nor for acts or omissions from such a third party. 

It is the responsibility of the client to arrange all matters relating to any copyright of work and the client shall indemnify Haddon Grove against any copyright infringement which occurs during the hiring period. 

Only biodegradable confetti/ flower petals are allowed in the garden 

Haddon Grove do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage or injury, in so far as the law allows to the client, any of the guests, subcontractors or third parties, personal property or vehicles whilst using the gardens, car-park area or surrounding grounds. 

Haddon Grove accepts no liability whatsoever, for clients or any person claiming through clients for any loss or damage or injury caused by or arising from, its failure to carry out any obligations within this agreement which are outside its control. The client accepts liability for any extra charges incurred in this respect. 

Any alteration to the contract must be agreed and initialed by both client or their representative and Haddon Grove. 

Haddon Grove has a 32 amp supply of electricity for the use of the wedding event. Haddon Grove does not accept liability for the failure of electricity during the wedding, due to the overload of the circuit or a power failure beyond their control. It is the client’s responsibility to speak to their suppliers and work out the necessary supply needed. Should it be deemed that a further supply is needed, it is the client’s responsibility to hire a generator at their own cost. 

Live music e.g a band must play and finish their last session by 11:00 pm. Live music which is deemed as a, Disco, or DJ must be turned off at 12:30pm. (Or in accordance with the approved license from Derbyshire Dales County Council,D.D.C.C) All music played must be controlled at a reasonable decibel level to fall within environmental guidelines set out by D.D.C.C and must not exceed this (or 92 Decibels). We reserve the right at anytime, to ask for the music to be turned down. Failure of this regulation will result in an automatic non refund of the full bond (see later bond requirement). 

Only the named persons staying within Haddon Grove Farm Cottages accommodation are allowed to stay within the grounds of Haddon Grove after the wedding. All other persons must have arrangements made to leave the premises. It is strongly advised that all guests are sent details of  taxis  with the invitations so they are able to pre-book their return journey.They do get booked up in advance. 

It is the responsibility of the persons named on the wedding booking contract, (or their named, designated person) to ensure that the marquee is left in a safe manner and that the lights have been turned off at the end of the night. 

The accommodations named above, are strictly for the use of only the named persons on the accommodation booking form. It is forbidden for the accommodations to be used for any wedding activities, (this includes catering) or to use the accommodations to hold a gathering of more than the guests on the named accommodation booking form. Under no circumstances are the properties to be used for a continuance of the wedding day/night. 

External toilets must be hired for the external wedding guests during the day of the wedding. You will be advised where these can be allocated. All accommodation and swimming pool toilet facilities are strictly for guests staying at Haddon Grove.  

It is not the responsibility of Haddon Grove or their staff for the cleaning of these external toilets before, during or after the wedding event. 

We endeavour to have a supervisor present from approximately 5pm on the day of the wedding and will remain on site until the marquee has been closed down on the night of the wedding. The supervisor is not there to perform duties for the wedding party but we can possibly have this arranged by separate agreement. 

There is to be no live band or disco music the night before the wedding or the day after. 

We require a bond of £500.00 made payable 8 weeks before the wedding day and will be returned if all the above terms and conditions have been adhered to and not breached. 

Time of arrival and departure:-
The cottages will be available from Friday from 4.00 pm Departure is at 10.00am on Monday. 

Bride, Groom and Guests decorating the marquee, along with, Suppliers and contractors may have access to the site from 10.00 am on Friday. 

We try to be as accommodating as we can and where possible the marquee company will be allowed access to the site for the erection of the marquee from 12 noon on the Thursday before the wedding date. The marquee company may not start the erection or dismantle of the marquee before 10.00 am, unless otherwise agreed with Haddon Grove. The marquee company must have finished their erection or dismantle of the marquee by 4.00pm, unless otherwise agreed. The marquee must be dismantled on the Sunday or Monday directly after the wedding and access is allowed from 10.00am and must be dismantled and cleared by 4pm Monday. 

Departure of guests from the holiday cottages is to be no later than Monday at 10am 

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